Awe, love, crying, feeding, adrenaline, fatigue. Questions like “how?” “when?” Research, ask, observe, hold.

And then, a smile.

Six weeks old, Andersson Valley farmhouse, bright morning light. Coffee and challah, waiting for Dada to wake up.

Nap time again, now in your bassinet. Sleeping on us less, the first cracks at independence.

Stroller ride in the morning, stroller ride in the afternoon. Stroller ride to pizza, stroller ride to burritos. Stroller ride alone, stroller ride with new friends.

For air, for sanity. To feel my body get stronger.

Road trips!

For adventure, for sanity. To observe your changes more closely.

When I found out I was pregnant in early January, I felt a sudden sense of connection that struck me as almost universal. The ground shifted and I was sucked into the profound, life-sustaining force of motherhood, time-tested and shared by women globally. When I came up for air, my mind quickly started reckoning with the personal limits this would put on my body and movements. In many ways, I felt like I was going into a 9-month quarantine.

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In my elective quarantine, I had to first let go of my favorite drug: adrenaline. No more hard trail runs followed…

Power Outages, Wildfires, and Climate Change: Resilient Clean Energy Strategies for California’s Disadvantaged Communities

Executive Summary

This report provides a roadmap for GRID Alternatives and other project developers that want to bring the benefits of solar paired storage to California’s disadvantaged communities. The report, prepared on behalf of GRID Alternatives, specifically focuses on how solar paired storage improves resiliency for disadvantaged communities, who are already the most impacted by underemployment, pollution, and climate change (Roos, 2018).

This report follows precedent set by GRID Alternatives and uses the definition for disadvantaged communities established by the “Disadvantaged Communities Advisory Group” (California Energy…

In a democracy, you’d think it’s everyone. But the history of the U.S. shows something different. Communities of color continue to face barriers to the ballot — and a 2013 Supreme Court decision has only made it worse. This is playing out now in states like Georgia and Kansas.

So how can policy choices actually encourage voter access? Turns out, there are plenty of ways. From automatic voter registration to same-day voting, the laboratories of democracy are experimenting with and implementing solutions. …

I dig into new data that reveals unexpected health and safety benefits from green spaces in cities — especially in low-income neighborhoods.

If Stockholm is the ice queen, Copenhagen is the cool, cosmopolitan little sister. You want to have a drink with Copenhagen. You want to get gloriously drunk and hear her stories.

After more than a week honeymooning in Sweden in late August — exploring Stockholm, the island of Gotland, Lake Mälaren, and Malmö — John and I packed up our Volvo, replenished our gummy supply at one of Sweden’s abundant 7-Elevens, and drove across the 5 mile Øresund bridge. The cable bridge was erected in 2000 to connect post-industrial Malmö to cool-as-a-cucumber Copenhagen.

Before leaving Sweden, we stopped in the…

The ice queen. When I first met her, I didn’t know if I could love her.

I was jet-lagged and off-kilter from an uneasy start, arriving without internet on our phones and without a good sense of what to expect of Stockholm. I got my first real view of her just hours into the trip — from a recommended vista point at the end of a narrow cobblestone alley. I rounded a corner and found myself bathed in sun, yet somehow chilled from a dampness coming off of the water. I looked out and saw a rolling river of deep…

Lauren Randall

California Bay through the lens of a New Englander. Eye towards politics, nature, and nurture.

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